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acu-1.jpgAcupuncture is an incredibly effective healing tool to assist in recovery from concussion / TBI and whiplash when administered by a Licensed Acupuncturist. A very safe treatment benefitting patients worldwide, acupuncture is currently used widely throughout China and many other countries, including the United States.

We utilize acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force — known as qi or chi (CHEE). The chi is believed to flow through pathways in your body called meridians. Using specific points along these meridians, hair-thin needles are painlessly inserted to improve your energy flow and re-balance your mind and body. These sessions will reduce headaches, neck and back pain and other pain related to your injury.

Acupuncture when coupled with functional neurology, chiropractic and massage will often produce amazing results, demonstrating the synergistic benefits of blending these health disciplines. The combined release of trauma and stagnation in the body “channels” allows for a more profound brain and body balancing with the functional neurology treatments. This balance will facilitate more lasting chiropractic adjustments, deeper releases in the soft tissues with massage and coming full circle the flow of life force through these “channels” will function better, relieving pain and injury.

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