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Personal injury can be a major event and the trauma can be significant. Personal injury is related to bodily harm that comes from being involved in any type of accident or mishap. The difference between personal injury, auto injury and workers comp is that personal injury takes place outside of work and doesn’t involve a car.

The chiropractic neurologist is expert in uncovering underlying issues in personal injury accidents. While you may be in a hurry to get to your normal activities of daily living, make sure to see your chiropractic neurologist to get a full examination before you make any major decisions. There could be underlying injuries that are unknown or you perceive minor that are not allowing you to recover fully and completely.

Dr. Lawrence Nelson is the Director of Concussion & Whiplash Clinic in Tigard, Oregon. Board Certified in Chiropractic Neurology, he brings his extensive training and clinical experience to assist his patients in relieving pain and suffering. Dr. Nelson is an expert in personal injuries including concussion recovery, neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction and promoting Brain Health and Longevity.

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“Using evidence based diagnostics and therapeutics we enhance the brain-body connection, reversing the causes of a brain dysfunction and improving our patients’ quality of life TODAY and into YOUR FUTURE.”



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  • "I was in a vehicle that spun around 180 degrees and then rolled over three times before landing in the sagebrush along Interstate 80 in Wyoming, and I walked away from an incident that totalled my vehicle and the 30 foot Airstream I was hauling. I walked away with a neck, back (rib), and brain injury that I was unaware of: I was ALIVE. My physician referred me to a chiropractor, who also referred me to Dr. Nelson and his team. I have seen 12 doctors since the incident in Wyoming, but Dr. Nelson was the first and ONLY ONE to hand me a book with "help" inside: a book of God's Promises. He prayed with me, and I had HOPE for the first time since this incident that there was HOPE. His TEAM of professionals restored my mind. And my hope. I thank God for sending me to Dr. Nelson. His staff is a group of people who practice LOVE and HEALING. PRAISE GOD."
    Tina Brown
  • "If you have concussion symptoms, regardless of when the incident was, don't delay. Get an appointment ASAP. Dr Nelson and team are amazing."
    Brian Ottaway
  • "This is a wonderful clinic! Very professional, courteous and thorough. The staff is amazing. They go above and beyond. With their knowledge and treatment I feel like I have my life back. Thank you to The Concussion and Whiplash clinic!"
    Janine Bainter
  • "Dr. Nelson and staff are fantastic and helped with my fast road to recovery. Everything from chiropractic, massage therapy, and neurology all under one roof. They truly care about your body and mind wellness. I'd highly recommend them to anyone in need of concussion and whiplash care."
    Erin Clark
  • "Dr. Nelson is the first place we go when my kids get concussions and athletic injuries. Because of his excellent diagnosis and care, my three children have made full recoveries from concussions. In addition to a careful diagnosis where he can pinpoint the location of the lesion in the brain, he creates a treatment plan which hastens healing. We trust his perspective on when to return to school and athletics. Most of all, he really cares about his patients and is invested in their getting well as soon as possible."
    Krista Anderson Ross
  • "I suffered a brain injury from a serious automobile accident last August. Since that time I have been visiting Dr Nelson and Dr McCann on a regular basis, 2 to 3 times a week. They and the massage therapist's have done a great job of helping me through this injury and getting me back to some semblance of normal. I don't know where I would be through this healing process without their expertise. Kudos to the staff at concussion & whiplash clinic. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who needs medical treatment."
    Mark Miller

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